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Web Designer in Malta | Web Developer in Malta

The Only Web Guru You'll Ever Need!

Let me help your business open it’s arms to the world wide web!

Matteo Grixti - Web Developer & Web Designer in Malta

What I Do!

My Name Is Matteo! - The Web Developer Designer For You!

My Name Is Matteo! - The Web Developer Designer For You!

Web Development

I provide professional services in back and front end development for any type of WordPress websites.

Web Design

Is your website stuck in time? I provide professional redesigning services from the homepage to the policies.

Web Maintenance

Are you tired of running your website and not allocating time to your business? I got you covered!

Web Hosting

Is your hosting company not well optimised? Can't get the speeds you're looking for? My AWS Hosting Servers can help!

Personalised Web Services

I try my best to cater my web development & web design services to your requirements to the best of my ability by making sure at every step of the way your priorities are kept at the top.

Personal Dashboard

I provide a clean and straightforward dashboard for all of my clients to examine everything related to their services in one place. If you wish to see pending bills, see how many visitors your site received, or change or access the website’s dashboard, you may do so from your own center console!

Web Development & Web Design Security

Security to the next level!

All of the web development services have all of the security features that are required for everyone’s peace of mind. We can identify and prevent the most typical threats with the aid of my security mechanisms. (DDoS, brute-force attacks, and so forth.)

Choose the FASTEST
way to your goal!

Before we start on our adventure we devise a plan on how we shall work and create a contract for us to start working on the web development, web design or your service’s project as would be discussed. Once both the client and myself sign the contract I’ll issue you a project number and password to be able to log-in to your client dashboard.

I then would begin by forming a wireframe and design suited with your requested colour schemes, ideas and inspirations!

The web design process usually takes 2 – 3 weeks to fully design most frequently viewed pages.

When the client is happy with the final designs, I would begin with web development where I develop the designs into an accessible website were visitors can view the final product! 

The Web Development stage usually takes 4 – 6 weeks to fully develop the website. Depending on how complex your site is.

After the web development and web design stages are done and the website is fully developed and is ready to be published to the world wide web I take the time to optimise speeds, SEO and all the policies to make sure your site is GDPR compliant along with other necessary requirements.

Once the final project is handed over to the client we would publish the site and distribute it to leading search engine databases for them to be indexed and showing on search.

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