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Matteo Grixti

Let me help your business open it’s arms to the world wide web!

Matteo Grixti - Web Developer & Web Designer in Malta

About Matteo Grixti

My Story

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Hi, I’m Matteo Grixti! I’ve always had an interest in tech ever since I was introduced to a computer back when I was only 7 years old by my parents. This white box that played movies fascinated me to pursue and learn more and more about computing which led me into a rabbit hole of the eCommerce side of things and at 14 I began my first business venture in freelancing.  

Passion for Developing

The passion for developing websites came from the good old question, “How are websites made?” and that was the beginning of everything! I’ve devoted time and effort to learn all there is to know about websites, WordPress, its plugins, designing techniques and UI all by myself, researching online.

Why WordPress?

BECAUSE IT’S BLOODY AWESOME! On a real note, I had heard of WordPress before but never really dug into it. At the time I thought I had to learn all the web languages like HTML & PHP but this changed when I stumbled across WordPress and started to use it in conjunction with some plugins so I could make my design projects come to life on websites.

How do you work?

My Workflow

Before we start on our adventure we devise a plan on how we shall work and create a contract for us to start working on the web development, web design or your service’s project as would be discussed. Once both the client and myself sign the contract I’ll issue you a project number and password to be able to log-in to your client dashboard.

I then would begin by forming a wireframe and design suited with your requested colour schemes, ideas and inspirations!

The web design process usually takes 2 – 3 weeks to fully design most frequently viewed pages.

When the client is happy with the final designs, I would begin with web development where I develop the designs into an accessible website were visitors can view the final product! 

The Web Development stage usually takes 4 – 6 weeks to fully develop the website. Depending on how complex your site is.

After the web development and web design stages are done and the website is fully developed and is ready to be published to the world wide web I take the time to optimise speeds, SEO and all the policies to make sure your site is GDPR compliant along with other necessary requirements.

Once the final project is handed over to the client we would publish the site and distribute it to leading search engine databases for them to be indexed and showing on search.

If you’d like more information click here to contact me!

What do I use?

Software I Use

Questions Asked


You can contact Matteo Grixti on [email protected] or message me on our Facebook Page using the live chat icon in the corner.

Completing a website can take over three months depending on the website’s needs and requirements. Time is also effected on how long the clients takes to respond to questions, deliver images, content, etc. On average my projects never exceeded five months.

Domain: We highly recommend getting this yourself. However if you are unable to do so you can also contact me and I’ll help you register your domain name step by step.

Hosting: Hosting is handled by us on our own servers to keep load times as fast as possible and making sure everything goes accordingly.

With all being said, if you already have a hosting company hosting your website we do still offer to design, develop and maintain your website. However we can not certify that speeds will be as advertised and that functionality will be as stable as with our servers.

Pricing depends on the website’s needs, pages, features, custom designs, etc. I can not give you a set price, however I have among the best priced services you can find on the island.

Yes! I will work hand in hand with you along the process making sure you are happy with the process every step of the way!

I start working on SEO optimisations and help you use all of Google’s services to better improve business traffic. I then have a mandatory maintenance package where I make sure the website is running at is best speeds. (Given that it is hosted on my servers.) I also make sure your website is heavily secured to prevent attacks on your website.

Learn More about my Maintenance Packages here.