Call A Nanny

A Nanny Booking Website



The Client

Call A Nanny provides a variety of babysitting services, including monitoring a sleeping child, changing diapers, playing games, making meals, and teaching the youngster to read.

My Job

Call A Nanny had asked me fully design and develop a professional looking website for their customers to book a nanny 2 days prior and create a payment form for customers to pay their fees via Debit/Credit Card on the website itself.



The website resulted in a bright, easy-to-navigate website with a means for users to hire their preferred nanny directly on the internet. Their clients may now effortlessly pay Call A Nanny by using a payment form. Call A Nanny may also check and manage bookings, as well as add additional services, as needed.

Payment Feature

When a nanny delivers her service, the customer is able to pay with their preffered payment method either Credit/Debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.  They simply have to enter their name, invoice/appontment number, enter the amount to be payed and continue to checkout using the payment method of choice using Stripe.

Business Cards

Call A Nanny also approached me about creating business cards. I went through the most important components of what they provide before creating the cards utilising their branding colour schemes and design. I also produced them in partnership with our printing suppliers, and Call A Nanny was very pleased with the results.

Other Projects