IUPKEEP Condominium Management

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The Client

IUPKEEP Condominium Management is a condominium agency that ensures the well-being of its properties. Their main objective is the quality of service provided to their clients to ensure that they provide a truly personalised service where a client is not just a number.

My Job

My job was to fully design and develop a beautiful modern website to cover all the necessary features IUPKEEP wanted. The main feature of this project was for IUPKEEP to have a dashboard for all their clients to have a rundown of all their expenses, meetings and any pending bills necessary for that condominium.

IUPKEEP Condominium Management



The website resulted in a fresh light and easy to navigate website, with a connection to their bills and meetings system. Their clients can now easily log in to the ‘My Profile’ page and view any recent bills & meetings. IUKEEP can also easily add new bills, meetings and edit their pages as they see fit.

My Profile Page

When IUPKEEP clients check in to the ‘My Profile’ page, they are faced with three sliders that display the most current invoices, meetings, and condominium fees. This benefits both sides because it is easier to discover documentation of payment for bills while also ensuring condomini that items in their properties are being taken care of.

Business Cards

IUPKEEP also contacted me about designing business cards. I looked through the most crucial aspects of what they provide before moving on to create the cards using their branding color schemes and styling. I also printed these in collaboration with our printing partners, and they came out fantastic, and IUPKEEP was really impressed.

IUPKEEP Condominium Management Mockup Cards

Other Projects