Web Maintenance

Learn what web maintenance is and why it is necessary. 

What's Web Maintenance?

The process is where I routinely check and update your website for problems and errors. This should always be done to maintain a healthy website, ensure continued visitor growth and enhance your SEO ranks and Google rankings.

As the social media world develops, firms must also get their customers engaged. The failure to maintain the website and its beautiful design can take your existing customers along an unfortunate road which will result in disengaging it entirely from your business.

Web Maintenance with Matsites

Why it is so important to maintain a website?

This is the major reason to maintain the website on your radar, especially when your site keeps client information in any manner. You need to be sure to install frequent software updates and security patches if you are using a website-building platform such as Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or WordPress for example. To discover and attack websites that sleep for too long might be simple and tempting for hackers.

The Web Maintenance Cost with Matsites



Monthly Per Site

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Monthly Per Site

Mandatory for eCommerce Stores

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